Smart Bar Prep

Farmingdale, NY

Design, Implementation

SmartBarPrep provides study guides and charts that help law students study smarter and increase their chances of passing the Bar Exam.

Prior to the 2018 Bar Exam season, SBP was looking to revamp their website to better describe their new offerings. We redesigned the SmartBar Prep WordPress site, and added various features including:

  • A “Select Your Exam State” button to help users navigate to the right products immediately after landing on the site.
  • Rotating JavaScript Text animated like a typewriter to describe the different topics examinees could expect to see on various tests.
  • Two 10 pillar Smart Guides with charts, graphs, and images, which users could review online or download straight to their devices.


“Working with Anna of Creative80 has been a pleasure! She is an expert in WordPress, and updated our website to be mobile responsive with perfection. We have been looking for a quality web designer/developer for some time, and are so happy we found her. Creative80 is now our go-to firm for all things web related, and has been integral in updating our website and it’s security.”

– Matthew Bates
Founder, SmartBarPrep