Need a little design inspiration? Whether you are about to start and design a brand new website or just need to give an existing site a little refresh, we are here to help! We’ve created 5 kick-ass color palettes for you to use on your next project, along with what makes each one of them so special. So go ahead and scroll through the color schemes below, get those creative wheels turning and let us know what you think!

Free color palette number 1: So Fresh and So Clean

Free Color Palette Clean

#6b789a | #dd5136 | #8e7fb1 | #191514 | #fffbf7

We love this color scheme and it’s super on trend this year. “Living Coral” was actually named Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year. Although we are using a variation of their exact coral color here, it’s coral-ly nonetheless. This palette’s bold colors and in-your-face contrast would be awesome for an event planning website or a musicians site.

Free color palette number 2: Commanding Neutrals

Free Color Palette Neutral

#807680 | #234d57 | #548ea2 | #a4a89f | #eff0f1

This beautiful palette is one of our favorites because it can take on many different personalities. It has a little bit of a feminine vibe, but like a “don’t mess with me” feminine vibe. We also think there’s some rustic tones to it. All in all, a well-balanced, inviting and pleasing to the eye, versatile color scheme we see lending itself well to a local restaurant/bar or a small retail shop.

Free color palette number 3: Lady Boss

Free Color Palette Boss

#e56598 | #b5375b | #161240 | #7da1d4 | #eff9fe

Pink is the new black, haven’t you heard? It’s one of those colors that’s just never going to go out of style. Pink has a way of making people feel calm and taken care of, like they’re in good hands. And no, pink isn’t just for girls. Especially when it’s paired with sophisticated blue hues. We see this pretty palette being used for a wedding website or an online jewelry store.

Free color palette number 4: Not Your Average Camo

Free Color Palette Camo

#a35d45 | #a2c5b8 | #97a79f | #435d45 | #dee7e5

This is a muted but fun use of color and reminds us of nature. Psychologically, the color green evokes feelings of optimism, tranquility and power. According to SmallBizTrends, green also stimulates harmony in your brain and encourages a balance leading to decisiveness. That could mean good things for your online store or in an industry whose goal is for their customers to feel calm and at ease when scrolling through their site, like a doctor’s office.

Free color palette number 5: Business Chic

Free Color Palette Chic

#c19d43 | #132237 | #1f376a | #3a73b3 | #eff0f1

This color palette is definitely one of our favorites. It’s so versatile and depending on which color you decide to make most prominent, it can read rich and intelligent or fun and quirky. The color blue is said to elicit feelings of trust and dependability, so naturally, it’s great for business. We see this color scheme being used for a hip CPA firm’s site or a contemporary law office. It has an effortlessly cool factor while still letting you know “I’m all about business” and we think this palette is definitely one we will be using for years to come.

Wrapping up

We can all sometimes fail to give the necessary attention to certain design aspects we may not be comfortable with or think aren’t in our wheelhouse. For most people, color selection is often one of those. But it is such an important part of design and can essentially tell our customers how and what to feel about our product or business. Hopefully, this post has made choosing your next project’s color scheme a little easier and provided some creative direction. If these colors aren’t particularly speaking to you, reach out to us and we’ll help you create something awesome that’s custom designed for you and your brand.

Nicole Chastain
As Creative Director, Nicole has a passion for design and a knack for solving problems. Nicole studied business marketing at the University of North Texas. She previously worked in the corporate healthcare industry serving Fortune 500 companies including Abbott Laboratories, GlaxoSmithKline, and Pfizer.